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There are days when you pull in fish after fish. You want a reliable reel that is smooth and lightweight.

And there are days when you hook-up with that cow that’s stripping line faster than you could have ever imagined. You want a reel that with a twist of the wrist, can easily produce 30+ pounds of drag. The ZeeBaaS ZX22 and ZX25 are the ideal reels for the inshore boater.

Available in manual or bail pick-ups, the ZX2 reel body, with interchangeable spool sizes, can adapt for any fishing conditions. Made of stainless steel parts and a waterproof, aircraft-aluminum body, this reel is capable of performing under strenuous activity and demanding environmental conditions. Think of the reel not as a piece of equipment, but as one of the crew.

Manual Rotor Assembly

ZX2 25 Black Dual Manual Pickups

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