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Jake Freeman of Skishing New England helps explain the sport:

"Skishing  is the contraction of the words “Ski” & "Fishing" - which occurs when a large fish provides a good tow through the water when hooked.  This is an extreme form of surfcasting, whereby a wetsuit & fin clad fisherman targets saltwater fish with rod & reel while swimming."  

The New England waters are active with skishers generally from April until November.

Considered by some to be the most extreme anglers, skishers are a different breed of fisherman. Your requirements are unique and the ZeeBaaS reel can meet them all.

The ZX2’s compact body with its waterproof construction is fully submersible. Its anodized, corrosive-resistant coating protects the reel in extreme skishing conditions. Its aircraft-aluminum body makes it strong, yet lightweight for hours of fatigue-free skishing. And its robust drag is ideal for taking any size fish you encounter.

And since ZeeBaaS'  ZX2 20, 22, 25 and 27  feature interchangeable spools and offer a wide range of line capacities, you’ll be geared for those days when you’re on the surf, rather than in it. You’ve found a lifelong partner in your ZeeBaaS ZX2!
ZeeBaaS Reels are 100% Submersible

Spools 25 & 27 Shown

Photo Courtesy of Jacob Freeman

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